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Metal From Finland 2017 starts pretty much the same way it started originally back in 2007. By myself. Motivated by the passion and love for music and especially Finnish music is what drove me to make Metal From Finland.

Music to me has always been a perfect companion. It has been there to comfort me on my lows and it has the ability to raise my spirits. It doesn't judge me. It is always there for me unconditionally and it always provides something new to suprise me. We have been together now for almost 40 years and there is no end in sight. Music is everything to me. Music makes it possible to travel through time for decades just by listening a right song that ment something to you back then. Music relates you to events that has happened to you. Through music you can go through your worst nightmares or your greatest pleasures. That is...if music means to you as much as it means to me.

If you want to contact me regarding Metal From Finland, send me email at @

  • Tero Tolkki
    Posted by Tero Tolkki 1 week ago
    Trust me friends, this isn't easy. Picking up your top-100 albums sounds easy enough but when you actually start choo...
  • Tero Tolkki
    Posted by Tero Tolkki 2 weeks ago
    I think this is a good topic to start the recommendations. Also please explain what was the wow factor on the album.I...
  • Tero Tolkki
    Posted by Tero Tolkki 3 weeks ago
    These should all be pretty common sense but since we are talking mainly about music in this forum threads might get h...
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  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 week ago

    C'mon people start registering so I don't have to talk alone here cheesey

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 week ago

    Website is OPEN!

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  3 weeks ago

    Soon time to launch the website

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 month ago

    How's it hanging?

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