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Kasperi Heikkinen

Kasperi Heikkinen


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Amberian Dawn Guitars 2006 -


I was born in 1980 in Kajaani, which is a small town right in the middle of Finland. I started playing classical guitar at the age of 8, but in the beginning I wasn't really interested in playing or practicing at all. Everything changed when I heard AC/DC for the first time. I was 10 back then, if I recollect correctly. A bit later I started learning some simple basic riffs by AC/DC, and that can actually be seen as the "real" start of my career as a "guitar-hero", he-he. My very first rock-influences were bands like Scorpions, Iron Maiden and Hurriganes along with the afore-mentioned AC/DC. Few years later I discovered players like Randy Rhoads and Yngwie Malmsteen and I was completely blown-away by their playing. I decided that someday I would be as good as them, or maybe even better. Later I also "discovered" Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore and Joe Satriani, just to name a few. I got my first "real" electric guitar; Ibanez Jem77FP, in December 1994 and that inspired me to practice even more and more. If I had to name my all-time top-3 bands they would be AC/DC, Symphony X and Judas Priest. My present favourite guitar players are Michael Romeo and Steve Vai. Nowadays I play in various bands: Merging Flare, Guardians of mankind and Iconofear being the most important ones. I've been involved in two full-length albums (w/Elenium) and various smaller releases such as EP's and single-releases. The highlight of my career so far has been replacing Henjo Richter of Gamma Ray for six shows in Scandinavia and Russia, since he was unable to play due to an injury he suffered on a ferryboat between Stockholm and Helsinki.

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