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TARJA: Create the cover artwork for 'Left In The Dark' and win one day with Tarja on tour!

earMUSIC and TARJA have posted the following update:


Take part in the ‘Left In The Dark‘ album cover competition, create the cover artwork and win one day with Tarja on tour! ‘Left In The Dark‘ will feature different versions from songs included in the chart topping album ‘Colours In The Dark‘. Create a cover with the pictures provided below and get lucky! You can use one or more pictures as you wish.

Tarja will pick one of your works as the final cover.

What’s in it for you?
1st prize: Tarja will document herself one day on tour with a digital camera. She will take pictures, film bits and pieces and record a special message for you! The camera including its content will be send to you afterwards as well as a signed “Left In The Dark”-CD.
If you can make it to attend one of her concerts, you will be able to meet her in person and spend the day having exclusive access to the backstage and sound check! Just like the members of Tarja’s band and crew.
If you unfortunately cannot be present, you will receive the camera + What Lies Beneath tour backdrop!
2nd prize: Exclusive, signed canvas which was used as a prop at the “Victim Of Ritual” video shoot as well as a signed “Left In The Dark”-CD including a personalized note.
3rd - 5th prize: Exclusive poster signed by Tarja as well as a signed "Left In The Dark"-CD including a personalized note.

More information at this location.


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