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SATURNIAN MIST Ink Deal With Candlelight Records

Tampere, Finland-based black/death metal band SATURNIAN MIST have inked a deal with Candlelight Records. According to a press release, Saturnian Mist was established with the cabalistic idea of esoteric cults when adjusted into musical and artistic approaches, as based upon the ideas of fra. Zetekh which was to combine the occult together with musical expression. The influence of the occult and mysticism has explicitly defined the band's working ever since and has strengthened during the years into a fierce musical artillery that is imbued with varying influences from different areas of heavy metal.

Conor Droney (Candlelight Records A&R) commented: ?Saturnian Mist first came to my attention through the fantastic ?Repellings EP? in 2009. These guys play raw black metal with hints of thrash and will have you hooked with their face pounding riffs, threatening chord progressions and screamingly evil music. An another excellent addition to the Candlelight roster!?

The band's catalog includes their Self-Titled Demo (2008) and Repellings EP (2009) and their debut album titled Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan which was released in December 2011 via Finnish underground label Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions.

Candlelight Records will issue the band's second album Chaos Magick later this year.

Listen to Saturnian Mist?s 'The Heart Of Shiva' below:



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