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HANGING GARDEN Launch Video For 'Will You Share This Ending With Me'

Finnish dark/ doom metal act HANGING GARDEN have released a video for 'Will You Share This Ending With Me', the digital bonus track from their new EP, I Was A Soldier, out via Lifeforce Records.

The video was directed by Ristomatti Rinne, who comments on the production: "After the cinematic implementation of the 'At Every Door' video we decided to use a somewhat different approach with 'Will You Share This Ending With Me'. We came up with an idea of a karaoke video, which comes to life and begins to tell its own story. The whole video was shot in one take although some editing has been made afterwards. All the events you see happen in real time."

I Was A Soldier EP tracklisting:

'Winter To Summer Adverse'
'I Was A Soldier'
'Will You Share This Ending With Me' (digital bonus track)

'I Was A Soldier' lyric video:


More on Hanging Garden at Facebook.


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