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AMORAL - New Album 'Will Touch On Some More '70s Vibe Classic Rock And Black Metal Influenced Stuff As Well'

Finland’s AMORAL will release their new album, Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows, on February 14th. The album will be available on CD, double vinyl and digital download.

Following is an excerpt from an interview with the Amoral street team:

Q: Does the album have a progressive/death style?

Ben: "Yes, it has a lot of progressive elements in it, and a bit of the death style as well."

Masi: "The album will feature both of those elements and a whole lot more! This time we will touch on some more 70's vibe classic rock and black metal influenced stuff as well. Stuff that has influenced everyone in the band, but has not been so featured before in our music."

Q: How did you guys find the concept idea for the new album and what was it inspired by?

Ben: "Well, I'd be lying if turning 30 didn't have anything to do with it. I guess that inspired some looking back and dwelling in nostalgia, which lead to thinking of other possible scenarios, “What could have been” –kind of things and some good old-fashioned dramatization for the sake of a better story."

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Amoral will celebrate the release of the new album by playing a special show at Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki on February 28th. The show - the band's first in almost a year - will see the group take on the whole Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows album in sequence, followed by a set of songs from its decade-long career.

"We got the itch to try and play the whole new album through live pretty soon after completing it", says guitarist Ben Varon. "At least this one time. It's quite a challenge, starting our first show in ages with an hour of all-new music, but it's a challenge we welcome with open arms!"

Tickets for the Virgin Oil co show can be bought from Tiketti.

Aki Siltala, the artist behind the covers of previous Amoral albums Decrowning and Reptile Ride is again responsible for the cover artwork for Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows.


'On The Other Side Pt. I'
'No Familiar Faces'
'Prolong A Stay'
'If Not Here, Where?'
'The Storm Arrives'
'See This Through'
'On The Other Side Pt. II'

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