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BARREN EARTH Announce Departure Of Vocalist Mikko Kotamäki

Finnish progressive death metallers BARREN EARTH have announced the departure of vocalist Mikko Kotamäki from the band. Since the group's inception, Mikko has performed vocals on all of their studio recordings, consisting of the Our Twilight debut EP, and two full-length albums.

Says the band: "Dear friends. We regret to announce the departure of Mikko Kotamäki from Barren Earth. Due to conflicting schedules, Mikko cannot contribute to Barren Earth's activities any longer. The decision was made by mutual agreement with absolutely no drama involved. We will keep working on new material, and will launch search for a new vocalist shortly. Barren Earth wants to thank Mikko for his crucial input for Barren Earth's works and wishes him all the best in the future."

Stay tuned for updates from Barren Earth.


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