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BATTLE BEAST Guitarist Anton Kabanen Featured In New Audio Interview

Anton Kabanen, guitarist for Finnish bashers BATTLE BEAST, recently spoke with Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal at Metal Assault. Check out the interview below:

Battle Beast recently hit the charts with their new self-titled studio album. In their home country, the beasts have made a phenomenal #5, while in Germany, they’ve entered the official album charts at #82.

The band comments: “A lot of things have happened since we first released Steel in 2012, and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. So making it to the top 5 - with music like ours - is purely insane! The fact we’ve even started making a dent on the German charts shows that not everything has gone wrong for us after all! Thanks to everybody who's purchased the album - we've proven that heavy metal is still alive and well.”

Listen to the full album:

Battle Beast recently unveiled the video for 'Black Ninja', directed by Tuukka Temonen, edited by Tuomas Silvennoinen and Iikka Kinnunen and produced by Optipar Oy below:

More on Battle Beast at this location.


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