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CHILDREN OF BODOM's Roope Latvala Metalizes National Anthems

CHILDREN OF BODOM guitarist Roope Latvala and Finnish composer ANSSI TIKANMÄKI have put together metalized versions of some of the most well known national anthems. You can listen to the whole Anthems album on YouTube below and order the album through the Rockadillo website.

Anthems tracklisting:
'Maamme' (F. Pacius) Oh Our Land
'Du Gamla Du Fria' (Trad.) Thou Ancient, Thou Free
'Gimn Rossiiskoi' (A. Aleksandrov) Hymn Of Russia
'Das Lied Der Deutschen' (J. Haydn) The Song Of The Germans
'Finlandia' (J. Sibelius)
'La Marseillaise' (C. Lisle) The Song Of Marseillaise
'The Star-Spangled Banner' (J. Smith) Anthem Of The USA
'God Save The Queen' (Trad.) Anthem Of The UK


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