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TARJA TURUNEN Confirms World Tour With BEAUTY AND THE BEAT, MIKE TERRANA, orchestra and choir for April and May 2013

TARJA TURUNEN has confirmed that a world tour of BEAUTY AND THE BEAT, Tarja's side project with drummer MIKE TERRANA, orchestra and choir, will take place in April and May 2013.

More information will be available on Beauty And The Beat's official Facebook page.

The first concert of BEAUTY OF THE BEAT took place at the Roman Amphitheatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in September 2011. The setlist included songs from Tarja's solo career, Nightwish covers, and classical pieces.

Watch below two videos from the concert; Witch-Hunt and Bizet's Carmen.

Tarja commented about the concert:

"When I walked to the stage, the audience was so loud that I got pretty confused with my thoughts and emotions, so I burst into tears even before singing a note! It was wonderful. The whole concert was wonderful. I was very, very happy. The whole idea of performing together with the orchestra, choir and Mike is very unique and I knew that this concept would work live, as it did. We hope that we can do this more often and it could happen wherever!

I needed to hug Mr. Terrana a loooooong time before and after the concert. Actually Mike enjoyed the concert so much that he told me afterwards this: “Dear Tarja, if I should die tomorrow, I would die happily“. It was the best concert he said he had done in his career so far. I was VERY happy to be a part of that."



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