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BURNING POINT: 'Working Hard On A New Album'

Melodic heavy metallers BURNING POINT have issued the following update:

"Working hard on a new album!

We've been doing long hours to get this new album finished and we are very, very excited about the songs!

There's definitively the BP trademark songs, but also a huge leap forward in songwriting, playing and more importantly the vocals have taken a whole new level!

Within all the gig booking and recording, we've also been negotiating a new deal in Europe as well as in Japan and we hope that we can give you the facts about those within a week or 2, a little patiance our friends & fans ;=)

All in all we have 13 new killer songs, lucky number? :)

More news shortly, gigs, deal, tracklist etc...

Stay tuned!

BP Crew"

BURNING POINT have released their fourth full-length album, Empyre, in 2009.

Empyre tracklist:

1. Intro (The Godfather theme)
2. Empyre
3. Manic Merry-Go-Round
4. Face the Truth
5. Fool’s Parade
6. Was It Me
7. Walls of Stone
8. Sacrifice
9. Cruel World
10. Blinded by the Darkness
11. Only the Wrong Will Survive
12. I'll Be Yours ( European bonus track)
13. Nuclear Skies (European bonus track)
14. Let Go (European bonus track)
15. Gods Of Iron (European bonus track)
16. Black star '09 (Japan bonus track)
17. Lake of fire '09 (Japan bonus track
18. Remains of my broken dreams (Japan bonus track)


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