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APOCALYPTICA - Photo Book Cover Art Unveiled

Pictured below is the cover to APOCALYPTICA's new photo book, shot by Ville Akseli Juurikkala during the band's 7th Symphony Tour.

Apocalyptica chose to involve their fans in this project by cooperating with Pledge Music. Founded in 2008 by musician Benji Rogers, Pledge Music offers artists a structure to make projects possible solely by the direct support of their fans, and at the same time helps raising money for charities. Via so-called “pledges”, the fans ‘promise’ to contribute to a certain project in exchange for an issue of the product as soon as it is finished.

A glimpse inside the book can be seen below:

To quote the band: “You as our fans have always been supportive and now we want to share the process of making this book with you. With every single “pledge,” you not only support the book’s release, but also help raising money for a good cause. In addition, you’ll receive an eBook with images, that didn’t make it to the printed version, and secure the chance of getting special merchandise, signed memorabilia and exclusive bonus material. And we dug deep to find interesting stuff for you... Thanks a lot for your support, we hope you’ll like the book as much as we do!”

To check out what goodies Apocalyptica found and how the book process goes, visit this location.

In live news, Apocalyptica has the following shows booked:

9 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Teatro Diana
10 - Mexico City, Mexico - The National Auditorium
12 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Via Funchal
14 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Teatro Flores
15 - Santiago, Chile - Centro de Eventos Munich
28 – Monterrey, Mexico – Banamex


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