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MEMOIRA Issue Demo Sessions Update, Reveal Song Titles; Studio Photos Available

Finnish metallers MEMOIRA have issued the following update:

"Hi gang! Been a while since we have put out any words about anything! Well here goes:

We had another demo session at Prostata studios this week and so far we got three songs done with all the drums, bass and some guitars. We will finish up those demos this week. The new ones are called 'Recoil', the most progressive piece in the whole album, 'Last Will', the monster song, epic travel through a gentle beginning to the massive instrumental journey. And finally 'Medusa', which we feel that could be the first single, it's slightly different than the other tracks but the chorus will stuck in your mind and haunt you the next day.

We also had a photo shoot last weekend. The sessions were held in the theater of Pori, and we could like to thank them for that. Also we would like to that Jari Pelkonen who took the photos. Those turned out great! We will update also our site and Myspace really soon.

We are quite ready to start recording the follow up for our debut album, we still need couple of more songs to complete the whole album. We are already booking the studio.... we'll let's not tell you guys everything just yet!"

Check out photos from the demo sessions at this location and stay tuned for further updates from the band.


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