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SYMFONIA: Uli Kusch hurts hand; Alex Landenburg substitutes for FME show

SYMFONIA drummer Uli Kusch has a hand injury. The band's press release reads:

"Dear People,

Unfortunately I have bad news for you. I am not able to play drums in this moment.
Over a month ago I started to feel pain in my left hand while rehearsing for the first show of Symfonia. At first I thought it was just temporary, normal pain that sometimes comes with intensive rehearsing. But it got worse very quickly. I have been seeing 2 specialists and they have done all kinds of tests to locate what the problem is. They both agreed it is some kind of nerve damage and that I absolutely should not play drums in this moment.

I am very sorry about this, since I have been waiting to play this show in Helsinki very much. But I have to think about the future of Symfonia and the possibility of the permanent damage I would do to my hand if I would now play. In fact, the pain is so strong that I cannot even hold a drumstick in my left hand at the moment. I hope you understand the situation and that I am doing everything I can to get better as soon as possible.

Regarding Finnish Metal Expo, I have told the guys to play the show nevertheless, with a substitute drummer, because many people are waiting to see Symfonia’s debut live.

All the best, Uli


When we received the sudden news about the hand injury of our bandmate Uli Kusch, we felt very concerned about his situation.
Given the wonderful results with our new album “In Paradisum”, we have been impatiently waiting to play live.
After talking with Uli, we all decided together to go on with our previous plans.

Therefore, as a temporary replacement for Uli, we have agreed to invite the renown German drummer Alex Landenburg, who is prepared to take the stage at Finnish Metal Expo on Friday the 18th at 11 PM.

This is a moment of great concern about our drummer, and we are giving him all support and help, so that his treatment can bring him back on stage as soon as possible.

Timo, Andre, Jari and Mikko


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