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AMBERIAN DAWN - Early Years EP Available

Tuomas Seppälä of Finland's AMBERIAN DAWN has issued the foillowing update:

"As you probably already know, the story of Amberian Dawn started under name ATHEME ONE and with male vocalist, Peter James Goodman who actually has made an appearance on all AD albums too as guest vocalist. Back then (2006) we managed to produce an EP which has 4 songs on it. Later I re-arranged most of those songs for Amberian Dawn and Heidi wrote new lyrics to those songs. The original lyrics were written by Peter James Goodman. All music on this EP is written by me like all songs of Amberian Dawn.

So if you are interested to purchase this piece of history, throw me a mail to and prepare to pay 10 euros for the CD. I have maybe 25 CDs left and no plans to print more of those after they are all gone...

The lineup on this EP was: Tuomas Seppälä (guitar & keyboards), Heikki Saari (drums), Tommi Kuri (bass), Peter James Goodman (vocals), Tom Sagar (keyboards). It's recorded and mixed in the same studio as all Amberian Dawn albums, Rockstar Productions Studio in Hyvinkää, Finland."

A previous message from the band states: "We have some exciting news again. Our songs 'Incubus' and 'Shallow Waters', from our album The Clouds of Northland Thunder, have been just released on PS3 and WII (Worldwide)."

The following Amberian Dawn songs are now availabe on Rock Band Network (Xbox360):

'Evil Inside Me'
'He Sleeps In A Grove' (also available on PS3 and Wii)
'Incubus' (also available on PS3 and Wii)
'Kokko - Eagle Of Fire'
'River Of Tuoni' (also available on PS3 and Wii)
'Shallow Waters' (also available on PS3 and Wii)
'Valkyries' (also available on PS3 and Wii)


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