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Kivimetsän Druidi Interview With Metal Queens Zine

A new interview recently done with the band by Metal Queens Webzine.

How exactly did you come up with the name Kivimetsän Druidi? 

When we started the project with my brother, we of course needed a name and while uploading our first ever song to Finnish mp3-site we yet didn’t have one. So I just took this name that first popped in my mind from the fantasy novel I’d been writing back then and we decided to change it later. But well, we didn’t and the name stayed.

What was the main reason for why you chose the "metal"genre for your type of music?


Metal was pretty much the only genre we played in our rehearsal room even before we chose to start composing songs by ourselves. It was sort of a natural thing to play metal,‘cause we didn’t listen to too much else back then. Since then it has changed a bit, but metal still is the most popular genre at least in my home stereos.

Who or what influenced the whole concept and ideas of Kivimetsän Druidi?


Fantasy metal was our own idea as we wanted to create something unique. Metal combined with Finnish lyrics about trolls, dwarves, elves and battles between good and evil wasn’t something you came across every day. Of course we were musically influenced by some older pagan/viking/folk metal bands too.

What was the reason behind the new album title Betrayal, Justice, Revenge?


“Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” sums up the main themes on the album. And that’s pretty much about it.


You can read the rest here.


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