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Finland's TERÄSBETONI Ink Deal With Sakara Records

Finland's TERÄSBETONI have issued the following brief summary of a Finnish press release:

Teräsbetoni's fourth studio album will be published via Sakara Records at the end of 2010. According to the band, there are already over 20 new songs written, and the recordings of the next album will begin at the end of the summer in Hämeenlinna. The yet unnamed album will be produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa, who also produced the two previous albums of Teräsbetoni, Vaadimme Metallia and Myrskyntuoja.

Sakara Records is an independent Finnish metal/rock record label. It was founded in 2003 by the Finnish metal group MOKOMA, and since then the label has added Finnish bands such as STAM1NA, RYTMIHAIRIO, DIABLO, YUP, FM2000 and now also Teräsbetoni.

The Managing Director of Sakara Records, Tuomo Saikkonen, comments that he would have wanted to sign Teräsbetoni already when he heard the first demo of the band on 2004, but at that time it was not possible because the resources of the new company went to the already signed Mokoma and Stam1na. Therefore he is happy that the collaboration with Teräsbetoni can now finally begin.

Stay tuned for further updates. More on Teräsbetoni at this location.


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