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BATTLELORE - New Album In Planning For October 2010, Frontman's EVEMASTER Complete New Album

Finland's BATTLELORE have checked in with the following update:


Some news from Battlelore.

We are currently on a gig break preparing for the new album. The studio is booked for June/July 2010. So new album should be out around October 2010.

On the other news Tomi's (Mykkänen / vocals) other band EVEMASTER have just completed the audio-side of the new upcoming album called III. So the album is recorded, mixed and mastered. Currently Timo (bass player of BLore - is working on the artwork for the album. Yesterday when the blizzard hit southern Finland we went out and took some cool photos for the cover artwork and promotional stuff.

If you want to learn more about Evemaster and keep up with the updates please go here and add us as a friend. You're welcome to join us in Facebook as well."


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