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Statue Of HANOI ROCKS Guitarist Andy McCoy To Be Revealed This Saturday

HANOI ROCKS guitarist Andy McCoy's MySpace has issued the following:

Andy is exceptionally proud of the statue which has now been made in Pelkosenniemi.

"First real statue is a great honour. Normally statues are being built only after the artist has died."

The wooden statue has been sculpted by Andy’s uncle, Matti Hulkko. As a child Andy used to go fishing together with Matti to the waters near Pelkosenniemi.

The statue is being revealed to the great public in Pelkosenniemi at midday on Saturday, July 25th. Andy and his wife Angela are coming to the festivities. The event begins at 10 AM. Local Lions club is selling related t-shirts and post cards in the event. The profit will be donated to support the music studies of the local youth in Pelkosenniemi, according to Andy's proposition.


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