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SONATA ARCTICA - New Album "Definitely Not A Back-To-The-Roots Album With Fast Power Metal"

SONATA ARCTICA keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg checked in with the following update:

"Zapp-a !

Long time no news, right? I'm currently at home making rehearsal mixes for Marko and Tommy. So far we have about half of the record in shape, so we're missing some songs, as usual. In April we start recording and as before me and Tony are working at our home studios while the other guys records at more 'professional' studios, and by the end of May everything should be recorded and we're ready to mix and master. I know a lot of you are really eager to hear what the album sounds like and probably the speculations have already started on the forums, etc. I can only say that it's a bit darker and maybe not so complex as Unia. Nevertheless, it's definitely not a back-to-the-roots album with fast power-metal. All the trademark Sonata stuff is on there, solos, lots of singing some slower songs. Actually, I can hardly wait to hear how it turns out myself.

Next fall we start to tour again, it will once again be a massive effort and going all over the world... at least once. We'll be starting the world tour in.....shit, I can't say that yet. Anyway, there'll be a lot of new places and even more of places we've already been to.

My daughter thinks I should stop typing now and do something else, I agree. Until the next time."



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