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VANITY INK: New Single Out Now

Helsinki, Finland-based, female-fronted rock and rollers VANITY INK have just released a new promo single, "Smell The Party". The title cut comes off the band's forthcoming second album, "More Senseless Random Behaviour", which is scheduled for release on March 25.

According to a press release, the members of VANITY INK "were born and raised with rock'n'roll records and they sold their souls already at their early ages. Many years in this business guarantee the professionalism but their wicked sense of humor and togetherness keeps them yahoo enough."

VANITY INK was founded in the end of 2002 and has so far released two EPs and one full-length album.

The band's current lineup:

Annabella - vocals
Juha Bandit - guitar
Jussi - guitar
Miki Peltola - bass
Sam Junni - drums

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