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MACHINE MEN: In Writing Mode

Guitarist J-V Hintikka of the Finnish melodic metallers MACHINE MEN has issued the following update:

"It's been a long time since the last happening from us. Now it's time for few updates.

"As some of you might have noticed, we haven't been really busy this year, or so it may seem. Of course, a few shows here and there but nothing else. But behind the scenes something is going on all the time.

"Early this year we decided to take a little pause which was actually six months long. During this time some of us took their time and wrote new material. After the break, we did few shows and festivals here and there. Too quiet, if you ask me, but the new material takes time and we're taking it now.

"At the moment there are many raw versions, allmost for a whole album. So far we have rehearsed four new songs. They sound really amazing! Yep, I know it's a cliché to say, but no can do if you really believe so! The songs are more melodic but still energic metal, they're more diverse than on previous albums. But more on that later.

"We are starting a new diary. We'll try to write what happens behind the scenes, at the rehearsing room, what the new songs will be like and maybe something else if it feels so. Read the diary here."

MACHINE MEN's latest album, "Circus of Fools", last year entered the Finnish chart at position No. 8. The group's "No Talk without the Giant" single debuted on the Finnish chart at position No. 2. The video for the single's title cut can be viewed below.


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