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Finnish Heavy Metal Act TERÄSBETONI Hoping To Repeat LORDI's Success With EUROVISION Victory

According to the Helsingin Sanomat, this year's Finnish Eurovision Song Contest representative, a heavy metal act called TERÄSBETONI, will appear in the first semi-final tonight (Tuesday, May 20) in Belgrade, Serbia to compete for a place in the Saturday final.

TERÄSBETONI vocalist Jarkko Ahola is hoping to win the votes of the European metal fans, a group which is traditionally faithful to its own, especially as there really is not any competition for their favors.

"Many heavy music fans must think that there isn't anything exciting about this competition," Ahola says. "Our number will hopefully prove them wrong, and win us some votes.

"All we have seen so far is the kind of middle-of-the-road Euro-pop that fails to convince," continues Ahola. "Only the British act sounded OK, and I hear Turkey has a slightly heavier song."

The twenty songs which receive the most votes from each of the Tuesday and Thursday semi-finals will make it through to the Saturday final, where they will compete with the winner from last year, Serbia, and the songs from the four largest Eurovision financiers, Great Britain, Spain, France, and Germany.

TERÄSBETONI rehearsing in Belgrade for Eurovision Song Contest semi-final:


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