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GLORIA MORTI: 'Eryx' To Receive Continental European Release In May

"Eryx", the second album from Finnish metallers GLORIA MORTI, will receive a continental European release on May 9 via Cyclone Empire Records. The CD, which was issued in Finland on March 12 through Stay Heavy Records, was recorded, engineered and mixed by Juho Räihä.

"Eryx" track listing:

01. Deathstream (Anthologies of Lifestream)
02. Until the Wretched Whimper
03. Phoenix Caged in Flesh
04. Evermorose
05. Prophet of Eosphorus
06. Synthetic Eden
07. The Origins of Sin
08. The Djinnwhisperer
09. Sands of Hinnom
Bonus tracks:
10. Mesopotamia
11. Dreadful Silence

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