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TACERE: Major Line-Up Change

Helena Haaparanta is no longer a member of Tacere. She was an excellent vocalist and performer so this is of course very unfortunate. But the fact is that the ways of Tacere and Helena departed only because of personal reasons and this has nothing to do with the band or its music, or Helena's skills. As far as we know Helena always loved Tacere's music and this was a very tough decision for her - one that just had to be done. We wish her all the best with her future musical endeavours.

Because of Helena's departure TACERE is now looking for a new female singer to fill the position left open by Helena. We are looking for a FEMALE singer who has an excellent voice and technique, experience in performing, rock attitude, a suitable appearance, willingness to commit to the project as well as a desire for success. The application process is open for anyone (and singers of every style are welcome to apply).

By sending e-mail to taceresinger(at)gmail. com you will receive more information about how to apply for the position.

Despite of the vocalist situation we will start the recordings of our new (2nd) album at the end of May this year at Astia-Studio, Lappeenranta, Finland. The recording sessions will continue until late in the autumn and take part in several different locations. The album will be produced by the band's frontman Karri Knuuttila together with producer guru Anssi Kippo who is known for his groundbreaking work with bands such as Children of Bodom. The album will feature massive orchestrations and 12 new great songs.

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