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Former HELLOWEEN singer Michael Kiske's official fan club has posted an interview with STRATOVARIUS mastermind Timo Tolkki regarding Timo's collaboration with Kiske on Tolkki's REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE project. An excerpt from the question-and-answer session follows:

Q: What do you think about Michael Kiske as singer and musician?

Timo: "He is one of the greats up there that you can instantly recognize no matter what music he sings. He is open, he feels and that makes all the difference."

Q: What do you like from Kiske's voice or the way to sing?

Timo: "The emotion. I always look for emotion in vocals and Michael is very good in that because his emotions are obviously available to him. It varies from silent whisper to the most powerful high-pitched stuff."

Q: Are you still following Michael's music?

Timo: "Yes, always. His two songs "All Solutions" and "Do I Remember A Life" helped me through the last STRATOVARIUS tour. Because I am taking lithium for my bipolar disorder, I cannot drink alcohol and party and I don't want to anymore, in fact. So after each gig I basically went to the bus and to my bed, put on my iPod and listened to these two songs. They gave me hope somehow.

"I have to say that I admire Michael's dedication to his values and beliefs. He hasn't chosen the easy way. Many people are telling bad things about him, but this man has given us so much and we should be thankful for that.

"I like his solo stuff very much and I think that he is on his way to make something that nobody has done before. I think he got what it takes."

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