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TERÄSBETONI Frontman Isn't Worried About Fan Backlash Over Finnish EUROVISION Victory

Jussi Ahlroth of Helsingin Sanomat reports: The "Tampere martial metal," or "heroic metal" (the genres on offer are many) band TERÄSBETONI — the name translates as "[Steel-]Reinforced Concrete" — is not ruffled by the thought that it might become adversely branded after winning the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers at the weekend.

Not long ago, the NIGHTWISH composer and keyboards player Tuomas Holopainen commented his relief that the band had not been chosen as the Finnish ESC entry in 2000 (they finished runners-up), as otherwise NIGHTWISH might have been instantly pigeon-holed and branded, as — in his view — has unfortunately happened with LORDI, the Song contest winners in Athens in 2006.

"We've had two strong-selling albums. This is just one more channel for taking the music forward," declares TERÄSBETONI's singer-bassist Jarkko Ahola.

"I don't believe that this is going to erode our fans' interest in the band. If it does, then we'll withdraw into our shells for a bit and come back later."

Ahola also suggests that "Mr. Lordi is very grateful for the attention the band has received, whether there is a label attached to it or not."

Read the entire article from Helsingin Sanomat.


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