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REVIEW: Machine Men at Eternal Rock Fest in Geleen, The Netherlands

Review and photos sent by Silvana Breur. Thank you very much!

"Saturday October 13th I went with my daughter Daniëlle to Eternal Rock Fest in Geleen, The Netherlands to see Machine Men. It was a 2 hour drive to the venue. The doors were open a few minutes after 14.00 PM and the festival started at 15.00 PM. Machine Men arrived around 15.00 I think. Show time was 16.50.

In the hall there were a few merchandise stands. The venue was a big venue. Big enough for 2000 people I believe. But I think 500 people attended the festival.

The stage was a big stage. I believe Machine Men had more space than in the Biebob Vosselaar.

Machine Men played 45 minutes. They had fun on stage and a in the front row I saw a few die-hard fans who traveled a long way to see the guys. The sound was a bit to hard and I’ve heard Antony not very good sometimes. They have become better and better every time when I see them. They are growing.

I don’t know the complete set list complete but they played my faves:

Circus of Fools
No talk without the giant
Ghost of the seasons
The shadow gallery
Dying without a name

Conclusion: I hope that Machine Men will be ready next year to give a headliner show in The Netherlands because the band deserve that! Machine Men has many fans in The Netherlands!"

Review: Silvana Breur
Photos: Silvana Breur



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