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COLOSSEUM: 'Chapter I : Delirium' Release Date Announced

Finnish funeral doom band COLOSSEUM, featuring Juhani of YEARNING (harsh vocals, guitars, synths), Olli Haaranen (guitars, production), Janne Rämö (bass) and Sameli Köykkä (drums), will release its debut album, "Chapter I : Delirium", on November 19 via Firebox Records (November 14 in Finland). The CD will include following songs:

01. The Gate of Adar
02. Corridors of Desolation
03. Weathered
04. Saturnine Vastness
05. Aesthetics of the Grotesque
06. Delirium

According to a press release, "Musically this album will blend 19th century classical music with dark ambient and funeral doom. COLOSSEUM uses different studios for each instrument. Orchestrations and drums are already recorded at HWP Studio/Haven Studio and next the band heads for D-Studio in Klaukkala, Finland for a recording of guitars and vocals. Lyrics of the album blend individual experience with the otherwordly and are of darkest kind."

Check out three complete COLOSSEUM demo songs — "Saturnine Vastness", "Gate of Adar" and "Aesthetics of the Grotesque" — on the band's web site.


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