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HANOI ROCKS: Finnish Signing Sessions Announced

Legendary Finnish rockers HANOI ROCKS will celebrate the release of their new album, "Street Poetry", by taking part in the following Finnish in-store signing sessions:

* Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 4:00 Helsinki - Anttila
* Thursday, Sept. 6 at 4:00 p.m. in Tampere - Anttila Megastore

HANOI ROCKS performed its new song "Fashion" on the Swedish entertainment show "Sommarkrysset" on TV4 on August 18. Watch the performance below.

The "Fashion" single was released on May 16 in Europe and June 21 in Japan. It also includes HANOI ROCKS' version of the BILLY BREMNER hit "Trouble Boys" (which will not be on the forthcoming album), the promo video for "Fashion" plus a live video, "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams", from HANOI's gig at Nosturi in Helsinki this past March. promotional video for "Fashion" was directed by Kusti and Jaakko Manninen.

As previously reported, HANOI ROCKS' new single, "This One's For Rock'N'Roll", debuted at No. 10 on the official Finnish download chart, according to a posting on the group's web site.

"This One's For Rock'N'Roll" comes off the legendary Finnish rockers' new album, "Street Poetry", due on September 5 in Finland by WolfGang Records and in Europe by U.K.-based Demolition Records. The Japanese pressing via Victor Entertainment/JVC Music will contain bonus tracks. The special edition will include a bonus skull bandana and three-fold box design.

"Street Poetry" track listing:

01. Hypermobile
02. Street Poetry
03. Fashion
04. Highwired
05. Power Of Persuasion
06. Teenage Revolution
07. Worth Your Weight In Gold
08. Transcendental Groove
09. This One's For Rock'N'Roll
10. Powertrip
11. Walkin' Away
12. Tootin' Star
13. Fumblefoot And Busy Bee

Japan bonus tracks:

14. Self Destruction Blues
15. Worldshaker

All songs written by McCoy, Monroe, except:

1., 5. and 10. by Bloom, McCoy, Monroe
11. by Alimo, Bloom, McCoy, Monroe
12. by Bloom, Christell, McCoy, Monroe
13. by Bloom, McCoy
15. Varonen, Taskinen, McCoy, Monroe

Audio samples from "Street Poetry" have been posted at the web site of the Japanese record label Victor Entertainment. Check out the clips at this location.


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