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DE LIRIUM'S ORDER To Release Sophomore Album In August

Finnish brutal/technical metallers DE LIRIUM'S ORDER will release their sophomore album, "Diagnosis", in Finland on August 8 via Shadow World Records. The CD was recorded at Studio Perkele and contains "a spectacle of varying pieces of death and thrash metal which can be only minorly compared to the previous releases," according to guitarist/songwriter S.M. NekroC. "The new stuff really kicks ass as I really made it in a way I always have been yearning to do. The melody of sickest kind will be merged into the rhytms of complex death metal as it has always been the key idea behind DE LIRIUM'S ORDER."

"Diagnosis" track listing:

01. Diagnosis: Deranged
02. Extermination Network
03. Ad Infinitum
04. Panzram
05. Drowned in the World of Delirium
06. Ebola Instinct
07. To Walk with the Dead
08. Thy Flesh Consumed
09. Abducted
10. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (CARCASS cover)

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