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TIMO TOLKKI: Heading home from Japan

Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS) has posted the following blogentry on his official Myspace:

"Writing this at airport hotel 10 minutes from Osaka Kansai airport. Had enough of eels, tempuras, octopus in suction cup sauce, temples, temples, temples, temp..

Having been 2 weeks here, I am more than ready to go home. Tomorrow I´ll be sitting in a godly Finnair MD-11 plane heading for Helsinki.
Saana´s evolution continues, can´t wait back to "work".

Oh one thing, I wrote a song called "Angels are calling" for the Finnish Idols competition winner Ari Koivunen and some journalists from Finland have been trying to reach me here in Japan if that song is written to her sister that passed away last year. I find the whole idea to sell magazines with someones loss so repelling that I am almost ready to give up my nonviolence vow. Nothing is sacred to these people and certainly not the suffering of Ari and his family.

That song was written for anyone who has lost someone they love too early.
I lost my father to suicide when I was 12 and my best friend last year to the same thing. Also some of my friends lost their children. All these experiences are in this song and of course some of Ari´s too. I wish him well, he is a good guy."


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