What is your alltime Top-100 albumlist?

This service is provided by http://top100.topsters.net and you can make your list there with kinda cool manner. Basically you split your albums on 3 categories. The absolute TOP-10, Second tier classics and other favourites. And for the sake of being reasonable this should not be narrowed only to Finnish metal. And I also suggest that you signup to that website otherwise if you take too long your effort might go wasted. By doing quick signup you can save your favourites and edit them later etc.

After you are finished you can share your TOP-100 to your Facebook page or save it as an image. For our purpose it would be saving the image. Then you can use for instance imgur.com to upload your picture and there you can get the appropriate bbcode to use in forums.

There is a forum thread in Metal From Finland where we start gathering these TOP-100 of our followers and it will extremely interesting to see what are your favourites. I will post mine as the first post on the thread. Let's make this a fun thing!


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  • Tero Tolkki
    Posted by Tero Tolkki 1 week ago
    Trust me friends, this isn't easy. Picking up your top-100 albums sounds easy enough but when you actually start choo...
  • Tero Tolkki
    Posted by Tero Tolkki 2 weeks ago
    I think this is a good topic to start the recommendations. Also please explain what was the wow factor on the album.I...
  • Tero Tolkki
    Posted by Tero Tolkki 3 weeks ago
    These should all be pretty common sense but since we are talking mainly about music in this forum threads might get h...
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  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 week ago

    C'mon people start registering so I don't have to talk alone here cheesey

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 week ago

    Website is OPEN!

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  3 weeks ago

    Soon time to launch the website

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 month ago

    How's it hanging?

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