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My god we are stoked! Metal From Finland is finally open again! We were away for few years due to some personal things but now we are back ten times wiser. Metal From Finland 2017 is very much different from old MFF. Not only the way it looks but also what it contains. Whereas we tried to be the ultimate source for Finnish metal in the past now we focus on matters that we find more important. That is to present bands but not so much in detail. We try to provide videos and audio from every band so you know what you are dealing with. There are also lot of changes on how the website is updated and now we are able to update things very fast.

Please keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress and at the moment we only have a small fraction of bands added to the website but we will be adding new ones on daily basis. Also for other changes do check the FAQs for more information. We sincerily hope you enjoy your stay here cause afterall, this was all made for you.

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Metal From Finland
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  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 week ago

    C'mon people start registering so I don't have to talk alone here cheesey

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 week ago

    Website is OPEN!

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  3 weeks ago

    Soon time to launch the website

  • Tero Tolkki
    Tero Tolkki  1 month ago

    How's it hanging?

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