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The Man Eating Tree

Band of the Week 11 The Man Eating Tree

The Man-Eating Tree Is a Finnish five-piece band, performing atmospheric metal music. The seed of the new band was planted when Vesa Ranta, having taken a break from music after Sentenced, began to overcome his post-Sentenced battle fatigue and lack of musical motivation. The idea of a new band – or bands – was eventually brainstormed over a period of time between Vesa and his friends, including gentlemen Miika Tenkula, Aaron Rantonen, Janne Markus and Mikko Uusimaa. Plans were made reality in 2009; the outfit was completed by the addition of Tuomas Tuominen as a vocalist and Heidi Määttä as a keyboard player. First demo recordings were made in the spring and summer of 2009. The bulk of compositions are the origin of Janne Markus, with some contributio...

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Birthdays this month

Date Musician Bands
01-03 Murtojärvi, Tuomas Faerghail, Forever Winter
02-03 Juutinen, Janne Masterstroke, EX-Crystalic
02-03 Matero, Heikki Farewell
03-03 Tolkki, Timo Revolution Renaissance, Timo Tolkki
03-03 Hopeakoski, Riku Catamenia
03-03 Tolkki, Timo EX-Stratovarius
04-03 Rieskjärvi, Alpertti Airut
04-03 Kiskola, Panu Adamantra
04-03 Rieskjärvi, Alpertti EX-Morian
06-03 Viitala, Pasi Happy Birthday Pasi! Uniklubi
06-03 Tenkula, Miika Happy Birthday Miika! EX-Sentenced
09-03 Lonka, Santtu To/Die/For
09-03 Perätalo, Jarno 'Jape' To/Die/For
10-03 Myllyvirta, Jarmo Excalion
10-03 Laaksonen, Janne Kilpi
11-03 Kokkonen, Juha Dark The Suns
12-03 Pyyhtinen, Kalle ShamRain
13-03 Poimala, Sami EX-Morian, Airut
15-03 Kotipelto, Timo Cain's Offering
15-03 Ivars, Alexander Sturm Und Drang
15-03 Kotipelto, Timo Kotipelto, Stratovarius
17-03 Planman, Tuomas Norther
17-03 Tacere, Karri Tacere
18-03 Saukkonen, Tuomas Before The Dawn
19-03 Koskinen, Sape Sorrowind
19-03 Hanttu, Aksu Tuoni, Entwine
19-03 Villberg, Henri EX-Rapture
21-03 Koponen, Jussi EX-Nattvindens Gråt, Sethian
22-03 Pikka, Harri Omnium Gatherum
22-03 Kuusjärvi, Timo Random Eyes
22-03 Pikka, Harri Total Devastation
22-03 Kuusjärvi, Timo EX-Essence of Sorrow
23-03 Pelkonen, Jukka Omnium Gatherum, Elenium
24-03 Kurkiala, Henrik Sturm Und Drang
24-03 Lehtinen, Jaakko Blind Stare
26-03 Flinck, Jason Brother Firetribe, Kings Of Modesty
27-03 Michael, Jörg EX-Stratovarius
28-03 Fahlund, Carl Peter Sturm Und Drang
30-03 Vuorinen, Ville The Zombi

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