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CHAPTER I: DELIRIUM lyrics by Colosseum

1. The Gate Of Adar

I´ve gazed beyond the stars and infinite space Beheld the dimensions unknown to man I´ve shaken while seing the laws of time and space crumble to the pits of pandemonic horrors For what I´ve invoken can´t be banished and I´m too weak to fight Alone I tremble in underground chambers of isolation Pits where grotesque ungodly beings scream for centuries Called beyond the universe of mortals I´ve opened the gate and now it´s too late The Great One will appear, the ultimate death draws near For Mankind Tunnels filled with maddening stench of hell Inbred creatures that will rip human flesh Screams of pain and timeless terror From below the day of doom shall come forth Standing at the gate and waiting Dark waters stir again The coming of the apocalypse Destruction of all that I´ve once held dear Standing at the gate and waiting Dark waters stir again I suffer this terror until I face my death With all mankind

2. Corridors Of Desolation

Cold within myself I stare to empty gloom Languishing years predicting the end Were there even beginning at all Lying above myself Gazing at my body Ravage of empty self Pale soulless embrace Opium has left my veins Reality´s gruesome knives lacerate my flesh But I´ll never cry Please leave me be within these shades of grey Soulless nonexistent flame must be extinguished without a single tear

3. Weathered

Vast fields of ice prevailed by gloom Still they flicker in relentless storm Echoes resound through the years Silent screams that will never leave Spheres of chaotic reign Beyond sleep - bereft of life Escape the earth through nebula Enter the mind Walking through the seasons unchanging You saw the autumn long time ago Winter´s grasp choked its´ quiet roots Lying dead beneath the snow Were you ever here at all Absurd of absurdities Now close yourself within unending sleep Floating among angels of blood Gargoyles chanting in circles of stone Enter disappearance and blankness eternal Gargoyles chanting in circles of stone Beyond time

4. Saturnine Vastness

Bleak time stands still here Frozen vastness of nothingness I feel nothing but pain Can´t escape the infinity of screams I writhe in unending bliss of torment, neverending So blind to my being that once existed beyond agony Slowly I drift to slumber exhausting to awake in another reality More unforgiving and.. Cruel Hollow walls painted with tears uncried Sullen chambers for dead to lie Close your eyes and try to see Something that you´ve never seen

5. Aesthetics Of The Grotesque

Murder becomes essential in preserving the worlds beyond within Last night I slept with mother earth She become my precious whore Now night breeds the flock of stillborn thoughts There´s nothing more Flesh and soul are but words Insomniacs transparent phantasms Worlds within worlds Unchanging chemistry and science Sleep for you´ll never see any of me No.. Now I´m standing under bloody rain I wish I had had words, but they never came Now i´m standing beside the dead I wish I had had something I´ve never imagined You´re just one, one among others They´re taking me away.. Away for good

6. Delirium

Shadow of myself or was it god There´s voices in the walls all around Mocking my weary distress Duplicating memories of nowhere Aching inside convulsive sleep Foam and worms among broken glass Absence of time, abrasive roar Why do you feed me with needles... Why? Trial shall open now The mirrors awaken Breeding monsters, demons within Judge is me transformed, multiplied There´s no place for me to rest anymore Torn from inside, bleeding in vain There´s no place for me to live anymore Trapped inside the wait for a dawn that´s never here Writhing in terror They´re coming for me Demons of my sleep returning through the ages Calling for anyone, but none will hear There´s nothing more but the pain This neverending pain I bid farewell to everything and cast my last breath Final touch of pain remains my dearest and only friend

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