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28 February 2009

iRonicas new album Vivere is out on 18.3., so on that day, go to yournearest record shop or buy it from webshop!! Meanwhile, you can listennew single Dive at MySpace!!!!Also,new gigs are coming up. Album release gig & party will take placein 2.4. at Yo-talo in Tampere, so come and check bands live conditionand come to chat with band members there! More info about album releasegig coming up later... Also new gigs are coming up, so stay tuned... 

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iRonica is a Finnish metal band that was formed in 1999. iRonica is known of its strong and rough grip to melodically aggressive metal music. The tight alliance of this band and the expressive and personal voice of the vocalist leave no-one cold! iRonica has its own personal label that cannot be compared direct with anything. The band has grown year by year, song by song and became stronger and more independent than ever.

In the beginning of 2007 iRonica signed a record deal with EMI Records’ Finnish member Poko Records under the Gaga Goodies-label. Their debut album was recorded last May in Tico Tico Studios in Kemi, Finland with producer Ahti Kortelainen (Sonata Arctica, Sentenced, Amorphis etc.) and their first single “All That I Drain” was released on the 3rd of August with great success. It went straight up to fourth place in the Finnish single chart!

 “All That I Drain” got plenty of radio time, which widely increased the interest among hard rock and heavy metal genre, as well as it has increased the demand of the gigs.

On the week 36 iRonica will shoot a video for their next single “Make Me Whole Again”. Their first album will be released in October 2007 and it’s going to be very strong album, which will surely be a positive surprise for the critical heavy clan.

Above all, iRonica is a Live band. During these years iRonica has gained a good amount of gig experience, some supporting for famous Finnish bands like Waltari, Entwine, Machine Men etc. This band is super on stage, it’s a joy to watch and hear them!

Their live performance in this years’ Nummirock-festival in Finland was highly appreciated and the band was ranked to one of the best bands in the festival, together with the more well-known bands.



Lets get back to year 1999 where three good friends thought that it would be cool to have a band. They got their instruments; Jani Paavola, our former & current bassist... picked the bass. And there was these two twin bro's. Esa & Jukka Rajala who both played guitar. And there! We have group of rebellious -like anyone on that age- guys, and we can say this is a band. What does band need to be a band? Skill? Talent? No, we have all heard ---insert name of British punk band from 70-80's here--- haven't we? Right answer, in this document, is a NAME! After a long brainstorm meeting with our three amigos, the name IRONIA was chosen. Ironia is Finnish and means exactly the same as IRONY in English. As a band with finnish name, lyrics we're naturally in finnish as well.



Next thing what is slightly in minds of common people, is the New Millennium. Because everyone isn't glowing green, we may assume that nuclear warheads are still on their positions... nor the we haven't seen even single sign of an alien invasion. Before the new millennia amigos had played mostly cover songs, they did some school performances but also wrote their first original songs (~Exorcist, it had Finnish lyrics). As millennia got closer, the music style changed from punkrock to a fast paced heavy metal. Due genre change there was also a swap in language from finnish to english, and Jukka switched guitar to keyboard. If that wasn't enough, IRONIA changed to IRONICA which mostly comes from english word ironical, not from metallica like many seem to think


Year after millennia (2001), guitarist Ville Palin was introduced. Few months later, summer of 2001 came young drummer, Aki Herrala. After bright Finnish summer, in the fall of 2001, promising young vocalist was found. She was Minna Matkaselkä. Rest year of 2001 was full of work. We had rehearsals, more or less than needed.

After the Christmas we hit the studios to record our first demoEP. Recordings were done in two days at BRR-studios, Raahe.. And shortly after "Chasing The Melodies" was released... and so we sold all that was to be sold. Some copies of this EP went outside of Finland lines and are now somewhere in US and Europe... Good for us! ...I guess?


First notable thing was our first live performance at Kalajoki, it was relatively good considering it was our first. Later on we had couple of more but after guys went to army, there wasn't any band activity or hair left to talk about. Whereabouts of Villes hair are still unknown. Nine long months of silence, only Jani had something going with his other side-quest Joanna's Diary. Certainly some more sad things happened as well: Microsoft released Xbox and Minna left band after our third gig. Also, Bill Gates hasn't given us any money to this date.

Well, as we told earlier, band was frozen for 9 months because the amigos went into army, yet we had a feeling this is about to happen again. And so iRonica had slipped on the soap and lied unconscious for few months on the shower floor.


But soon iRonica regained consciousness, opened his weary eyes and wondered what the fuck happened.. We started rehearsing new songs with our new singer, Jarmo Aho. After Minna had left, Ville did vocals untill Jarmo took that place.

At that time we had promised to do a demo soon, but that 'soon' appeared to be a pretty long time. However, we did unofficial demo by ourself and gave it away for free right after our first gig in a long time in October 2003. After this great comeback, we had a chance to re-record that masterpiece in a proper studio.

"Transparent" (Project: Perkeleen Riivaamat) was recorded during December of 2003 in Ylivieska. This demo was more better in quality than pre- demo that we did earlier this year. If anything good came along with this demo, it's a nice bunch of gigs for 2004 and good ammount of studio experience.


All kind of things were going on this year. We had nice bunch of gigs starting with the legendary Tuiskula, also openings for bands like Machine Men and Entwine had a great impact on our playing. We were foolish enough to participate in two band contests as well, first we didn't win and second we win. Second contest included another performance sometime later in the same place, which we really bothered us afterwards. A month later we had our first outdoor performance in Kalajoen Juhannus. What a notable cornerstone...

Legendary Project: Squirrel Pants was initiated this summer starting with drums on summer and gradually grew bigger. Thanks to all those gigs our live act started shaping up to somewhat tolerable compared to utterly terrible in the early days.

2005 - "iRonica - ugly men from Ostrobothnia".

iRonica didn't care about past hustling in the shower and fell again with the rotten smelling soap called military. This time it was Aki who was to be brainwashed and mentally corrupted. During this time Project: Squirrel Pants was finally ready and was sent to Samu Oittinen at Fantom-studios for mixing and was finished early this year. Project name was quickly abandoned and 'Trust' turned out to be our best recording at that time, and for some to poop on.

Sometimes when Aki managed to get time for himself, while the others continued to stick their tongues in the ass-crack of the military-officers, we were able to do couple gigs once for a while. After nine months loss of liberty and fat, Aki was done with bandages, military authorities and shabby green clothes. iRonica was finally free to continue it's plans for another visit in studio.

2005 was performance wise a dull year, due the Aki's army we didn't got many chances to rehearse or do gigs. But on the other hand, we had a lot of time to prepare Trust, do promoting and things of that nature.

2006 - Peculiar Odors and Animals.

On January 20th we hit to the studios located in frosty Kalajoki, the building was surrounded by dragons and panda's but they were no match for Palin's Super-Sayan skills. Studio guy Janne Salmu was a different case, for he had tremendous supply of coffee and a microphone only slightly bigger than our genitalia, and our genitalia is huge. Finally he gave up and started let us in the studio. After a few hours of studio time and roomful of bizarre smells, Project: Peculiar Odors From Unknown was finished. Once again, Samu Oittinen was bothered and so the Veil of Desire was released in March of 2006. After that we did some gigs and participated in two band contests: Selkäranka in Mikkeli and Ääni ja Vimma 2006 where we managed to get to the semifinals.

In June of 2006 we saw a drastic change in line-up. Jarmo decided to step down from his position as a vocalist and Esa decided to take time of from guitar playing. Jarmo did all the gigs until his last gig with us on September at Haapajärvi.

Shortly after that, Elina Iron contacted band, gave a voice sample and was hired on the spot. We were so anxious and raccoon fire was itching our bottoms so fiercely that we wanted to visit the studios as soon as possible. And so we did, Janne Salmu was summoned again from the depths of Humpuukeri, for he has the microphone only a tiny bit larger than our yahoo-sticks. Project: Mighty Raccoon Fire started in October and recordings were eventually finished in December. Only mixing had to wait till the next year...

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  • Label: Gaga Goodies / Poko Rekords Oy
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Consequences
  • 2. All That I Drain
  • 3. My Own Solution
  • 4. Make Me Whole Again
  • 5. Backstabber
  • 6. Fragile, Devoted, Disgraced
  • 7. My Last Stroke
  • 8. Anybody Out There?
  • 9. Fear For Lust
  • 10. Before The Leaves Fall


  • Label: Poko Records
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Dive
  • 2. Stop Me
  • 3. So Fades The Memory
  • 4. From The Dark
  • 5. Little Princess
  • 6. Dead Hope
  • 7. Suffer For You
  • 8. The Beast
  • 9. Reflections

Single / EP / MCD


  • Label: Gaga Goodies / Poko Rekords Oy
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Make Me Whole Again (Edit)
  • 2. Fragile, Devoted, Disgraced


  • Label: Gaga Goodies / Poko Rekords Oy
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. All That I Drain (Edit)
  • 2. Like I Die

Demo / Promo


  • Label:
  • Released: 2001
  • 1. My way to home
  • 2. Revenge
  • 3. Exorcist
  • 4. Angels May Fall


  • Label:
  • Released: 2003
  • 1. Fall
  • 2. It Shines Into My Heart
  • 3. Finally Free
  • 4. Angels May Fall (revisited)


  • Label:
  • Released: 2005
  • 1. Siren (intro)
  • 2. So Fucking Unglamorous
  • 3. Anybody Out There?
  • 4. Hope


  • Label:
  • Released: 2006
  • 1. Like I Die
  • 2. Sinister
  • 3. My Own Solution


  • Label:
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Backstabber
  • 2. All That I Drain
  • 3. Before the Leaves Fall

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