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Genre: Death Metal  |  Status: Active  |  Viewed: 9958 times

SOTAJUMALA working on album #4

03 July 2014

SOTAJUMALA updates: We've been quiet for a fairly long time, but we can finally say that there's light at the end of the tunnel. We've been working on our fourth album off and on for the last 3+ years and while it's not quite ready just yet, we felt that an update was due. It's been a long and difficult process, but we decided early on that we would not rush this album. It'll be done when we say it's done, not a day sooner. We realize that this has not been the best career move for us, but this band has never been a career for us either. We've simply been writing what we've felt like when we've felt like it. There have been months of hiatus followed by intense writing followed by more hiatus. Nothing has been forced. Love us or hate us for

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Sotajumala is a Finnish death metal band founded in 1998. The name translates to "Wargod" and all lyrics are in their native language. The band has gained loyal following through hard work, several shows and solid releases. Debut full-length "Death Metal Finland" (2004) as well as mcd releases "Sotajumala" (2001), "Panssarikolonna" (2003) and Sotajumala/Torture Killer split (2005) have received positive response from press and fans alike. Over the years the band has gone through necessary line-up changes, always returning stronger than ever. The current line-up hasn't changed since 2004.

As a result of meticulous writing process the band is getting ready to unleash its sophomore album in late 2007. The current line-up has solidified their own sound and the approach to song-writing has also taken some very important steps forward. Expect nothing but a massive dose of crushing Finnish death metal!

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Death Metal Finland

  • Label: Woodcut Records
  • Released: 2004

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  • Label: Woodcut Records
  • Released: 2007

View all lyrics from "Teloitus"


  • Label: Cobra Records
  • Released: 2010

View all lyrics from "Kuolemanpalvelus"

Single / EP / MCD

Sotajumala - Torture Killer

  • Label: Woodcut Records
  • Released: 2005
  • 1. 8:15
  • 2. Bind, Torture, Kill

Demo / Promo

Sotajumala (Demo)

  • Label: Self Released
  • Released: 2001

View all lyrics from "Sotajumala (Demo)"

Panssarikolonna (Demo)

  • Label: Woodcut Records
  • Released: 2003

View all lyrics from "Panssarikolonna (Demo)"

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Timo Häkkinen
Mynni Luukkainen

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00100 Helsinki
Gsm +358 40 573 3257
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