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Genre: Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Christian Metal  |  Status: Active  |  Viewed: 12142 times

MEHIDA Working new album, Christmas song online

23 December 2007

22.12.2007Hello and happy Christmas time to everyone. The recording of the second Mehida album is going on full steam and all the people who liked the approach of the first one can expect the follow up album to be even stronger and more powerfull. Well be working with the album during the spring 08, and the second album should be out in next year or so. (still depending on schedules and such..) Also added one great review from the French webzine Nightfall on the "in the spotlight" -section. More things coming up also, and dont forget to check out the myspace for great Christmas song "O holy night" performed in swedish by our great front man Thomas V.

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Out from the finnish music field rises MEHIDA. After several years of struggling with his musical vision, the keyboard player Mikko Harkin decided to leave his previous band Wingdom to finally accomplish the sight and sound he had been looking after for many years.

Musically the band is concentrated on bringing out the musical extremities, from difficult rhythmic sequences to unexpected modern melodic lines still keeping it all catchy and easy to listen to. The album "Blood & Water" is a reflection of creativism which flows out from the contribution of these talented rockers.

The band's stylistic scale is wide. It flows from the mathematical metal attitude prog to deep dark beautiful ballads. Raging guitars and the strong expression of the singer Thomas Vikström (ex- Candlemass) form the missing link in between the ambient synth atmospheres and precise rhytmic sects.

The album "Blood & Water" was recorded and mixed at the famous Fantom Studio, co-produced and mixed by Samu Oittinen (DIABLO, SILENTIUM etc.) On the album MEHIDA presents over fifty minutes of energetic modern metal. The enthusiasm towards music combined with unique creativity makes MEHIDA a rocksolid band.

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MEHIDA is a melodic metal band with a crushing sound. Musically the band is concentrated to bring out the elements of musical extremity, performing them with precise and soulful touch.

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Blood and Water

  • Label: Napalm Records
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Unchanging
  • 2. Wings Of Dove
  • 3. Burning Earth
  • 4. Multitude
  • 5. Stronghold
  • 6. Guilty
  • 7. A Letter From Home
  • 8. Dry Bones
  • 9. Lost Ones
  • 10. Grace
  • 11. Outro-End Of The World
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Jarno Raitio
Bass 2007 -
Mikko Härkin
Keyboards 2007 -
Jani Stefanovic
Guitars 2007 -
Markus Niemispelto
Drums 2007 -
Thomas Vikström
Vocals 2007 -

Contact Info:

info [at]