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BATTLELORE Frontman On New Band LOWBURN - "I Haven't Been This Enthusiastic About Any Band In Years"

28 January 2013

LOWBURN out of Finland, featuring past and present members of BATTLELORE, have released a new four song EP entitled Soaring High. It is available both as a limited CD edition and digitally via Bandcamp here. The band features present Battlelore members Henkka Vahvanen (drums) and Tomi Mykkänen (guitar/vocals), and former B'lore members Miika Kokkola (bass) and Tommi Havo (guitar)   Mykkänen comments: "I personally haven't been this enthusiastic about any bands in years. We started jamming with a few KYUSS songs and I can say that this is the path we will go further (stylistically, not playing Kyss' songs). The first song is a lot doomier but the second one is a lot more stoner rock. So, we'll see how it turns out. This is dead serious

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After a short hiatus from music Tomi Mykkänen and Henkka Vahvanen from Battlelore started jamming stuff together. Soon it was decided that we need to form a band for the jams. Miika Kokkola (founding member and original bass player from Battlelore) was contacted and asked if he wants to jam with us. He did. We played and jammed a few times and then it was decided that second guitarist would not hurt. Miika said that he had already talked with Tommi Havo (another original Battlelore member) about the project and that he was very interested. So, enter Tommi and on that rehearsal we made the first real song. On the second rehearsal we made the second song and then we realized that we had a band.

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