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Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal  |  Status: Active  |  Viewed: 1028 times

LANTERN To Release Debut Via Dark Descent Records; 'Revenant' Promo Video Posted

21 February 2013

Finnish morbid death metallers LANTERN have completed work on their debut album, Below, which will be released this spring through Dark Descent Records on CD and vinyl formats. Since forming in 2007, Lantern have continued to evolve their unique take on ancient death and Below is a definitive statement by a band in top form. Thirty-eight minutes of pure stench, Below is an album that demonstrates that death's not dead.   A promo video for the song 'Revenant' can be seen below: Lantern lineup: Cruciatus - guitar, bass, drums Necrophilos - vocals Live musicians: J. Noisehunter - bass St. Belial - rhythm guitar J. Poussu - drums   More on Lantern at this location.  

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LANTERN was formed in summer 2007 by Cruciatus, in the eve of Cacodaemon's death. The line-up changes necessary for Cruciatus' work to proceed didn't leave the moniker Cacodaemon rights to exist under even a slightly different sound. Thus LANTERN barged in as a completely new entity, risen from the shambles of an elder beast.

An old friend, namely Necrophilos swore fealty to the group after the very birth of LANTERN, and the recordings of "Virgin Taste of Damnation" took place, with the band exploring its true form as a two-piece, trying their sound during numerous days spent at the rehearsal place. The debut material received very positive feedback and shall be rerecorded for future releases. The good word also inspired LANTERN to participate in "Metal on Metal III: Third Warning of the Storms" compilation with the song "Cauldron of Souls", appearing among some of Finland's top underground black metal acts.

In mid-2009 the horde returned to the studio to capture 5 new songs that came to form the “Doom-scrawls” sessions, later on captured by Internecion Productions (NZ) to be released on CD, titled as "Subterranean Effulgence". The lyrical theme journeys unto death and undeath, mysticism of existence and afterlife – and all that is hidden in between. The musical part was by far the best effort by the band – in composition, production and atmosphere.

One song ("Those Long Perished") from the debut can also be heard on Hard Rocker Magazine's "Sounds of Hell" compilation, brought together by Bart Gabriel and Chris Moyen.

In 2011, the band played their first gig in Turku and another one in Kuopio in early 2012, assisted by session musicians St. Belial (guitar), J. Noisehunter (bass) and J. Poussu (drums). In the meantime, the duo spent some seven slow, filthy months carefully constructing their debut full length album, namely "Below", which will be out early 2013 via Dark Descent Records.

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