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Hanoi Rocks

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock  |  Status: Disbanded  |  Viewed: 16763 times

Ex-HANOI ROCKS Guitarist ANDY MCCOY Completes GREASE HELMET Album, Begins Work On Solo CD

30 July 2011

A new video update from former HANOI ROCKS guitarist Andy McCoy can be seen below. McCoy recently completed work on the debut album from his side project GREASE HELMET (which features members of AMORPHIS) and has begun recording a new solo album for a 2012 release. McCoy previously stated about his upcoming solo CD, "It will be released under the name Andy McCoy." He added, "There's already heavy interest from the labels. We are looking at the way to release it simultaneously worldwide." Regarding the musical direction of the album, Andy stated, "I am really trying to get back to my roots with the new material." McCoy's decadent autobiography, "Sheriff McCoy: Legend of Hanoi Rocks", is available in English in a deluxe h

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"The rock band that changed the course of rock."

That's something very few bands can claim to their name. Maybe Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath... and of course, HANOI ROCKS.

Back in 1980, when the band took its early steps in Finland and Sweden, they already were something else. Loud and proud, flamboyant and full of attitude, they quickly gained fame outside of Scandinavia, first in the UK, then in Asia, continental Europe and finally in the US.

HANOI ROCKS played anytime, anyplace and with anybody daring enough to share the stage with them and built their following a bit more, gig by gig. Alongside their gruelling live schedule they managed to record five albums and with each release gained new ground until the final breakthrough was looming ahead.

HANOI ROCKS had just released their major label debut on CBS, the now legendary "Two Steps From The Move", and were in L.A. to tour the US for real for the first time. Already having a following in the United States, HANOI ROCKS had gained momentum of such scale that a
breakthrough as a result of not more than a year of touring was imminent.

But then tragedy struck the band: Razzle, the drummer was killed in a car crash in California on December 9th 1984.

The death of a friend was a devastating blow to the band and it never recovered. The rest of the US tour was cancelled and consequently the bass player Sam Yaffa quit the band. Eventually early 1985 HANOI ROCKS threw in the towel and disbanded. The fruits of their
labour were to be picked by bands heavily influenced by HANOI ROCKS, both musically and visually, like Guns N' Roses for example.

The years that followed saw the ex -members of HANOI ROCKS launching solo careers and new bands and it seemed like it was all over as far as HANOI ROCKS was concerned. And so thought the guys themselves. Until things changed with the Millennium.

Having not really been in any contact with each other for some time, the founding members Andy and Michael met at a release party for a HANOI ROCKS 4-cd box set in early spring 2001. After having fun that night, jamming at a club together, the two started keeping in contact again and eventually ended up playing a couple of festival gigs together under the moniker Hanoi Revisited. Since the summer shows were fun and the old energy was back, the pair booked some studio time and tried their hand at writing together after an over 15 year break. From the word go it was obvious the magic was still there. The stuff they'd recorded was too good not to be released and after a lot of pondering and since any other moniker under which to release it would have been pretentious and just plain stupid, the EP "People Like Me" was released by HANOI ROCKS. The legend was reborn.

After the EP, HANOI ROCKS released "12 Shots On The Rocks" an album which went gold in their native Finland and opened a lot of doors all
over the world. After having undergone some changes in their personnel, HANOI ROCKS in the spring 2005 not only presented a
new album "Another Hostile Takeover" but also the new guitarist Conny Bloom and the new bass player "A.C." Christell. Along with the drummer Lacu the band's chemistry had now finally locked perfectly into place.

To promote the release of the new record in Finland the band made a special historical Live appearance on Friday, April 15th, 2005 in the middle of Helsinki City during rush hour, stopping all traffic and jam-packing the City center with about 15 000 people.

Since then the band has toured extensively in Europe and Japan and have definitely tightened up into one of the hardest rockin' live bands on the planet. Eventually they'll head for the States in order to "finish what was started" back in 1984. Currently HANOI ROCKS is working on fresh material for their new album to be released later this year.

Sounding better than ever, HANOI ROCKS is more than ready to rock the world in 2007!

Do not miss an opportunity to see them live, as they are still one of the "best kept secrets in Rock'n'Roll"...

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Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes Hanoi Rocks

  • Label: Johanna
  • Released: 1981
  • 1. Lost In The City
  • 2. Village Girl
  • 3. Stop Cryin´
  • 4. Tragedy
  • 5. Don´t Never Leave Me
  • 6. First Timer
  • 7. Cheyenne
  • 8. 11th Street Kids
  • 9. Walking With My Angel
  • 10. Pretender

Oriental Beat

  • Label: Johanna
  • Released: 1982
  • 1. Motorvatin´
  • 2. Don´t Follow Me
  • 3. Visitor
  • 4. Teenangels Outsiders
  • 5. Sweet Home Suburbia
  • 6. M.C. Baby
  • 7. Law And Order
  • 8. Oriental Beat
  • 9. Devil Woman
  • 10. Lightnin´ Bar Blues
  • 11. Fallen Star

Self Destruction Blues

  • Label: Johanna
  • Released: 1983
  • 1. Love´s An Injection
  • 2. I Want You
  • 3. Café Avenue
  • 4. Nothing New
  • 5. Kill City Kills
  • 6. Self Destruction Blues
  • 7. Beer And A Cigarette
  • 8. Whispers In The Dark
  • 9. Taxi Driver
  • 10. Desperados
  • 11. Problem Child
  • 12. Dead By X-Mas

Back To Mystery City

  • Label: Johanna
  • Released: 1983
  • 1. Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
  • 2. Malibu Beach Nightmare
  • 3. Mental Beat
  • 4. Tooting Bec Wrecked
  • 5. Until I Get You
  • 6. Sailing Down The Tears
  • 7. Lick Summer Love
  • 8. Beating Gets Faster
  • 9. Ice Cream Summer
  • 10. Back To Mystery City

Two Steps From The Move

  • Label: AAB Production
  • Released: 1984
  • 1. Up Around The Bend
  • 2. High School
  • 3. I Can´t Get It
  • 4. Underwater World
  • 5. Don´t You Ever Leave Me
  • 6. Million Miles Away
  • 7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  • 8. Boiler (Me Boiler´n´ Me)
  • 9. Futurama
  • 10. Cutting Corners

Twelve Shots On The Rocks

  • Label: Major Leidén
  • Released: 2003
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Obscured
  • 3. Bad News
  • 4. New York City
  • 5. Delirious
  • 6. A Day Late, A Dollar Short
  • 7. In My Darkest Moment
  • 8. People Like Me
  • 9. Whatcha Want
  • 10. Moonlite Dance
  • 11. Gypsy Boots
  • 12. Lucky
  • 13. Watch This
  • 14. Designs On You
  • 15. L.A.C.U.
  • 16. Are You Lonely Tonight
  • 17. Winged Bull

Another Hostile Takeover

  • Label: Major Leidén
  • Released: 2005
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Back In Yer Face
  • 3. Insert I
  • 4. Hurt
  • 5. The Devil In You
  • 6. Love
  • 7. Talk To The Hand
  • 8. Eternal Optimist
  • 9. Insert II
  • 10. No Compromise, No Regrets
  • 11. Reggae Rocker
  • 12. You Make The Earth Move
  • 13. Insert III
  • 14. Better High
  • 15. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
  • 16. Insert IV
  • 17. Center Of My Universe

Street Poetry

  • Label: Demolition Records
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Hypermobile
  • 2. Street Poetry
  • 3. Fashion
  • 4. Highwired
  • 5. Power Of Persuasion
  • 6. Teenage Revolution
  • 7. Worth Your Weight In Gold
  • 8. Transcendental Groove
  • 9. This One´s For Rock´N´Roll
  • 10. Powertrip
  • 11. Walkin´ Away
  • 12. Tootin´ Star
  • 13. Fumblefoot And Busy Bee
  • 14. Self Destruction Blues (Bonus on Japanese Edition)
  • 15. Worldshaker (Bonus on Japanese Edition)
  • 16. Trouble Boys (Bonus on Digipack edition)
  • 17. Fashion (Promo Video, Bonus on Digipack edition)
  • 18. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (live video, Bonus on Digipack edition )
  • 19. Highschool (live video, Bonus on Digipack edition)


All Those Wasted Years (Live)

  • Label: Johanna
  • Released: 1984
  • 1. Pipeline
  • 2. Oriental Beat
  • 3. Back To Mystery City
  • 4. Motorvatin´
  • 5. Until I Get You
  • 6. Mental Beat
  • 7. Don´t You Ever Leave Me
  • 8. Tragedy
  • 9. Malibu Beach Nightmare
  • 10. Visitor
  • 11. 11th Street Kids
  • 12. Taxi-Driver
  • 13. Lost In The City
  • 14. Lightning Bar Blues
  • 15. Beer And A Cigarette
  • 16. Under My Wheels
  • 17. I Feel Alrite
  • 18. Train Kept A Rollin´

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