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Free Spirit

Genre: Metal, Rock  |  Status: Active Unsigned  |  Viewed: 11262 times

FREE SPIRIT: debut album 'Pale Sister of Light' ...

04 December 2009

Free Spirits debut album Pale Sister of Light to be released in Japanon December 16!Free Spirits acclaimed debut album Pale Sister of Light will bereleased in Japan on December 16 by Japans leading hard rock record labelMarquee Avalon. In addition to the 11 tracks of the international release,the Japan version features a radio mix of Far Away from Heaven by thefamous American producer Beau hill, known for his cooperation with actssuch as Alice Cooper, Europe and Warrant. More about Free Spirit:

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Free Spirit plays timeless rock with a huge sound. The band reaches out to listeners of all ages with its captivating

melodies. This music seems to really enchant its audience and has a strong crossover appeal on it. Massive choruses,

killer arrangements and energetic stage appearance are the brand of Free Spirit.

Since the band’s debut album 'Pale Sister of Light' was released in 2009 Free Spirit has gathered passionate fans

throughout the world. Free Spirit has been featured as the artist of the week, month or even year on many medias all

over the world. Songs from the album have been on rotation on many radio stations around the globe and reviews of

the album were nothing but ecstatic.

The original members of Free Spirit are Sami and Pasi. Bass player "Nasu" has been also been in the band

almost from the day one. The current line-up formed during the years 2006 – 2008. Soon after guitarist Vesa joined

the band, the group started recording their first album. During the recording sessions Vesa’s childhood friend

Markku joined Free Spirit. Timo, who had previously played keyboards on all of Free Spirit's studio recordings, also
became a full member of the lineup.

Before the release of 'Pale Sister of Light' Markku and his family moved to Africa for a few years. That of course

meant that a new guitar player had to be found. From the same town where Markku and Vesa lived their childhood,

the band were lucky enough to find Marko who has been an inseparable part of Free Spirit since then.

Free Spirit is:

Sami Alho - vocals

Vesa Yli-Mäenpää - guitars & backing vocals

Marko Haapamäki - guitars & backing vocals

Timo Alho - keyboards

Sami "Nasu" Hämäläinen - bass

Pasi Koivumäki - drums

The name Free Spirit was originally picked up from the book Antichrist by the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

where he (in chapter 13) describes a person who is not bound to any religion, politics or -isms, as a free spirit.

Of course the idiom free spirit means lots of other things, too (like a problem child), but basically to the band

it means a person who is willing to think and act independently.

During spring 2010 'Pale Sister of Light' was featured on various critics and/or readers "Best of 2009" lists in
several international medias. During 2011 the album was released for the video games Rock Band 2 and 3.

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to 'Pale Sister of Light' will be released February 28th 2014. With this new album

'All the Shades of Darkened Light' the band continues from where it left with its critically acclaimed debut album.

The 11 new songs with huge choruses are even more melodic and energetic than before. They tell the story of a summer

where days are bright and nights are hot. High octane parties seem to go on forever, but for some they carry a price

that is too high.

With the new album the band has started from scratch, which has given more room for imagination and for trying different
things. During the 'Pale Sister of Light' sessions the band learnt how to create that Free Spirit sound, and with this
new album that sound has been taken several steps further. Free Spirit enjoys the freedom in their music making, and wishes

to convey that to the listener with the utmost clarity.

Free Spirit produces their own music from start to finish. The new album, like its predecessor, was recorded in the band's

own studio facility, which has allowed for uncompromising meticulousness in its production. Creating the right soundscapes

has included feats such as building custom guitars and acquiring a very certain kind of vintage synthesizer, which was

ultimately found from the confines of a studio in Cologne.

The songs are mostly written by Sami and Vesa, but all the band members play a crucial role in the sound that is

Free Spirit. The one element that gets special attention during the writing and production of the songs is vocal

melodies. The band's unique approach to multi-layered backing vocals completes the melodies and makes

the Free Spirit sound.

'All the Shades of Darkened Light' recording sessions started Midsummer Eve 2010 and were finished in summer 2012 when

the long editing, mixing and post production phase started. Some of the last overdubs were recorded in January 2013 and

the final mix of the album was ready February 17th 2013. During the last overdub sessions with 'All the Shades of Darkened

Light', former guitar player Markku visited the studio and played few additional tracks.

The first single from the new album, 'Living Tattoo', was released mid October 2013. The second single release from the
album was 'Hysteria'. This song was also featured on the soundtrack of a Finnish werewolf-themed motion picture which
premiered in theaters on January 24th. Free Spirit's vocalist Sami Alho plays one of the main roles in the movie.
The music video, based on the movie, is available at Free Spirit’s YouTube Channel

Booking & management:

Sami Peura, Sam Agency Oy | | +358 40 5900 290 | | |

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Pale sister of light

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  • Released: 2009

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