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For the Imperium

Genre: Metal, Rock  |  Status: Active Unsigned  |  Viewed: 6496 times

FOR THE IMPERIUM Release 'Sudden Death' Video

17 January 2013

Helsinki-based FOR THE IMPERIUM have released the official video for 'Sudden Death'. Watch it on The prelude to "Hail the Monsters" will be heard on the 18th of January when FOR THE IMPERIUM will release the first single "Sudden Death". The perceptive lyrics and the astonishing video inspired the band to donate all the profits acquired from the single to charity undeducted.

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Incognito - having ones true identity concealed. Sure, we are operating incognito but our identity lies deeper than image. And while we lay there somewhere and you are least expecting it, we make a quick surge and that is when you, my friend, are in for a world of trouble. We leave you there bleeding, scared shitless and most important of all, begging for more.

So while we mask ourselves, we actually bring the music forward. We, as persons, are not important in this context. The music is. Come talk to us after a show and you will find the four most fun-loving guys there is but we dont feel necessary to apply a ton of cosmetics on our faces, sport a wife-beater and show some inked skin in some sleazy promotional pics. Some bands pull it off beautifully and still make great music, we dont even want to try.

We challenge everybody. May you be a critic, a musician or a regular music lover, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. Let it lick your ear canals, shock your brain and twist your heart. When you are done listening the record, come to our show and I..ll promise you..ll get back to that record, wanting more. After all, we are FTI. We are the truth.

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For The Imperium

  • Label: Warner Music Finland
  • Released: 2011
  • 1. Ignition
  • 2. Creator
  • 3. California Girl (Born n´ Raised)
  • 4. Hero
  • 5. Until The End
  • 6. Die Dead
  • 7. Working Class Heroine
  • 8. Pike River
  • 9. Österbotten
  • 10. Elisa
  • 11. Seek For Help

Hail The Monsters

  • Label:
  • Released: 2013
  • 1. Take A Breath, Now You´re Going To War
  • 2. Northern Rampage (muscles And Gasoline)
  • 3. Victim´s Day
  • 4. Sexual Advisory
  • 5. Heaven Shall Fall / Hell Will Return
  • 6. Army Of Death
  • 7. Sudden Death
  • 8. Satan Der Gör Ont
  • 9. Frndshp Is Over ! P.S. Say No More
  • 10. Filthy Animal ! Go And Save Yourself?

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