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Embassy of Silence

Genre: Rock, Metal  |  Status: Active Unsigned  |  Viewed: 4180 times

EMBASSY OF SILENCE Launch 'Straight Up Crazy Amazon' Video; To Be Official Anthem For IFAF American Football: Women's World Championship Games 2013

26 June 2013

Finnish atmospheric metallers EMBASSY OF SILENCE have composed a song to be the official anthem for IFAF American Football: Women's World Championship games 2013. The band have also created a music video for the anthem, entitled 'Straight Up Crazy Amazon'.   ”We are very satisfied with the outcome of the song. Cooperation between the band and the competition organization has been very fluent, and the band was able to come out with a song in record time. Embassy Of Silence is a band that has been around from 2008, and it is nice to be able to give some more exposure to a new player in their area” – Janne Halla-aho, a member of WWC2013 LOC The video was directed by Jarno Keski-Jylhä and a part of the Finnish national WWC team par

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Embassy of Silence is a Finnish band on a purposeful mission to create beautiful metal/rock music that makes positive chills run down the spines of the listeners. Catchy melodies filled with grandeur, as well as experimentation are key elements in this musical project. Acoustic guitars also play an important role in the music of EOS.

Ines Lukkanen was a guest female vocalist on the 2007 album of Tero Kalliomäki´s band, Saattue, and during the recordings, an idea of an emotional, atmosphere-filled rock/metal project was born. The duo immediately began composing and writing songs, and recorded a 3-song promotional CD by the name "Wendigo Winter" at the Finnish D-Studio in November.

In the beginning of the 2008 band released "Wendigo Winter" promo CD, which included songs: Lilith Aether, Passion and Savagery and Void.
The promo got very good feedback, and a couple of Finnish national radio stations play the songs Lilith Aether and Void.
The CD presents perhaps the more ethereal and softer sides of Embassy of Silence, while the faster and heavier side of the band remains unrecorded for the time being.

The band also managed to get talented and professional musicians from Saattue to complete the line-up:
Harri Lampinen -  Guitar, Mikael Ahlsten – Drums, and Samu Lahtinen – Bass.

EoS entered the studio again in 2008, and recorded 4 more songs to the "Pristine" Ep. This cd  includes the heavier, faster and perhaps even darker side of the band’s music.
After releasing “Wendigo Winter”, EoS has reached a solid fan-base, reached a second place in the recent “Metal newcomer of the year” –competition in Finland with over 300 participants, and has performed live for several times.

All members of Embassy of Silence are experienced players in the fields of music and performing. They have been or are the members of such bands as, for example Yearning, Nevernettles and Saattue, and share a burning passion to make music that pleases both the ears of its makers and audience, with ambition and a distinct professional touch. The ultimate target is to make music into a career in the long run. The band is relentlessly hunting for a record-company and other collaborating partners to reach this goal.

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  • Label: Supernova
  • Released: 2010
  • 1. Soul-Broken
  • 2. I Ride Alone
  • 3. Passion and Savagery
  • 4. Baron Samedi
  • 5. Absinthe Eyes, Opium Words
  • 6. Deadline Playtime
  • 7. Catherine and Heathcliff
  • 8. Maneater
  • 9. Void
  • 10. The Mercury Lamp
  • 11. Euphorialight

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Ines Lukkanen
Tero Kalliomäki
Mikael Ahlstén
Harri Koskela
Samu Lahtinen
Harri Lampinen

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