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Genre: Progressive Metal, Melodic Metal  |  Status: Active Unsigned  |  Viewed: 3835 times

CONSTANTINE Streaming New Album Resign Due; Split With Palokka Records

17 October 2013

Jyväskylä, Finland based prog metallers CONSTANTINE have opened up a pre-listening stream for their upcoming concept album Resign Due. The album is due to be released digitally on October 21st and the CD-version will follow shortly afterwards. Resign Due is the band's second LP and a follower to the 2011 debut album Divine Design, which won the band the Newcomer of the Year 2011 - award in Finnish Metal Awards. Constantine has also ended their record contract with Palokka Records Ltd. The label explained on the update that was released on Monday, October 14th, that "all effective record contracts have been dissolved due to unsustainable economic situation". Constantine released their own press release on the same day, explaining that all the rights hav

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Since 2006, the Finnish melodic heavy / prog metallers Constantine have been invading the ears and minds of everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with them. Forging their unique soundscape from the best elements of traditional heavy metal, power metal and progressive metal, the band is
sure to catch the listener’s attention by high and loud vocals, ass-kicking riffs and melodies that keep echoing in one’s head.

After several demos, dozens of gigs and a few record deal offers, Constantine eventually signed to Palokka Records late 2010 and immediately began to focus on recording their debut album, which would become “Divine Design”. Recorded at Studio Musica and SN-Audio by Aksu Hanttu and Sami Niittykoski respectively, the album is a powerful presentation of musical talent and songwriting ability from this young Jyväskylä based quintet.

Although the band excels on the album, one should see the band in its true element – on stage. Renowned for their energetic live shows and high standard of performing, the band leaves no one feeling lukewarm after a show. While most club-sized bands play shortened gigs in fear of boring the audience, Constantine goes on stage with full force and set list, swapping songs and surprising the audience every now and then by acoustic versions or interesting cover songs.

If you think new bands are boring in their chase of airplay or lust to please the audience, give “Divine Design” a few rounds in Spotify or wherever. We promise you nothing but to challenge you with our music and to take you on a journey from which you may never want to come back.

Constantine is:

Lassi Vääränen – Vocals
Janne Seppänen – Guitars
Janne Korpela – Guitars
Antti Varjanne – Bass
Marko Möttönen – Drums

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Divine Design

  • Label: Palokka Records
  • Released: 2011
  • 1. Divine Design
  • 2. The Shadow Within
  • 3. The Seers Of The Shadows
  • 4. A Change in the Tide
  • 5. Slave To The Flame
  • 6. Through the Veil of Death
  • 7. The Darkest Grace

Single / EP / MCD

A Future Without a Past

  • Label: Independent Release
  • Released: 2010
  • 1. ...Of Hopes And Dreams
  • 2. The Downfall Of Eve
  • 3. The Shadow Within

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Contact Info:


Janne Seppänen
tel: +358 44 254 3258
email: janne(at)


Elias Puukari / Palokka Records Oy
tel: +358 50 436 5197
email: info(at)

Booking agency:

Rami Hirvelä / Sam Agency Oy
mobile: +358 40 487 4644
tel. +358 9 321 5232
email: rami.hirvela(at)