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Before The Dawn

Genre: Progressive Metal, Metal, Gothic Metal  |  Status: Active  |  Viewed: 26888 times

BEFORE THE DAWN Sign With FrostByte Media For North American Release Of Rise Of The Phoenix

06 September 2012

Finnish dark melodic death metal icons BEFORE THE DAWN have signed to FrostByte Media for the North American release their seventh album, Rise Of The Phoenix, on September 25th. Before The Dawn released Rise Of The Phoenix in Europe on April 27th via Nuclear Blast.   Rise Of The Phoenix tracklisting: 'Exordium' 'Pitch-Black Universe' 'Phoenix Rising' 'Cross To Bear' 'Throne Of Ice' 'Perfect Storm' 'Fallen World' 'Eclipse' 'Closure' European Bonus tracks: 'Unbreakable' (2012 version) 'Deliverance' 'Reflection' (taken from the very first BTD demo 1999)

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BEFORE THE DAWN saw daylight in 1999 and was created as my solo project. I made the first demo all by myself and for the second one I had a friend of mine playing the drums. First line-up was gathered so that BTD could perform live. With many changes in the line up BTD entered the studio to record mcd called “Gehenna”. I received couple of deal offers but nothing serious enough. BTD continued playing gigs and I kept on writing lots of new material and the next mcd called “My Darkness” got very good feedback and serious enough record deal was offered by Locomotive Music. The next step was to start recordings of the debut album which was also entitled as “My Darkness”. The album included all the songs from the latest mcd which was never released to public.

After the 2nd album “4:17 am”, DVD “The First Chapter”, and numerous changes in the line up BTD had walked a full circle and it was once again my solo project. I wrote lots of new material and felt like a newborn. The material was coming very easy and fast because I didn’t have a badly motivated band slowing me down anymore. Sounds like a hard thing to say but now when I have played almost 30 gigs in Finland and in Europe with my live action assault team (Lars, Juho, Aatu and Joel) things have been going so much easier. Finally I have the luxury of working with professionals. I am not the easiest person when it comes to playing in a band with me. I demand a lot and want everybody to work hard. I also have a very clear vision what is going to happen with the music and with the band in general. Lars and Juho also appear on the new album. Lars is doing all the clean vocals and Juho is playing two solos. The huge amount of new material created two albums. “The Ghost” for BTD and “The Darkness” for Dawn Of Solace. Both bands are my solo bands and on stage I will have session musicians in the line-up. New material has already been written for both bands and I hope to enter the studio before end of 2006.


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  • Label: Self
  • Released: 2001
  • 1. The Nell
  • 2. Gehenna
  • 3. Not Divine as Them
  • 4. In Fear They Sleep
  • 5. Upon the Earth
  • 6. Angel (lyrics)

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My Darkness

  • Label: Locomotive Music
  • Released: 2003

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The Metal Observer


  • Label: Locomotive Music
  • Released: 2004

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The Ghost

  • Label: Locomotive Music
  • Released: 2006

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Metal Observer


  • Label: Stay Heavy Records
  • Released: 2007

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Soundscape Of Silence

  • Label: Stay Heavy Records
  • Released: 2008

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Deathstar Rising

  • Label: Stay Heavy records
  • Released: 2011
  • 1. First Snow
  • 2. Winter Within
  • 3. Deathstar
  • 4. Remembrance
  • 5. Unbroken
  • 6. Judgement
  • 7. The Wake
  • 8. Sanctuary
  • 9. Butterfly Effect
  • 10. Wreith

Rise of the Phoenix

  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Released: 2012
  • 1. Exordium
  • 2. Pitch-Black Universe
  • 3. Phoenix Rising
  • 4. Cross To Bear
  • 5. Throne Of Ice
  • 6. Perfect Storm
  • 7. Fallen World
  • 8. Eclipse
  • 9. Closure
  • 10. Unbreakable (2012 version)
  • 11. Deliverance
  • 12. Reflection (taken from the very first BTD demo 1999)

Single / EP / MCD

Faithless (Single)

  • Label: Stay Heavy Records
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Faihtless
  • 2. Mouth For War (Pantera Cover)
  • 3. The Black (Live)


  • Label: Stay Heavy Records
  • Released: 2007
  • 1. Deadsong (lyrics)
  • 2. Bitter End (Placebo Cover)
  • 3. Gehenna

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Dirty black summer

  • Label: Stay Heavy Records
  • Released: 2008
  • 1. Before the Dawn- Silence
  • 2. Silentrain- With pain and sorrow
  • 3. Godspague- Eleanor Rigby
  • 4. The final harvest- Bloodgod
  • 5. Black Sun Aeon- 3rd chapter


The First Chapter

  • Label: Locomotive Music
  • Released: 2005
  • 1. Unbreakable
  • 2. Seraphim
  • 3. Alone
  • 4. Father and Son
  • 5. My Darkness
  • 6. Angel
  • 7. My Room
  • 8. Seed
  • 9. The Black
  • 10. Fade Away
  • 11. Vengeance
  • 12. Human Hatred
  • 13. Tuska Open Air After Party
  • 14. Rehearsal Room Jamming
  • 15. The Journey to Hamburg
  • 16. Slideshow - Picture Gallery

Demo / Promo

To Desire (Demo Tape)

  • Label: Self
  • Released: 2000
  • 1. Reflection
  • 2. Evil in You
  • 3. Oceans Within
  • 4. To Die For
  • 5. Bringer
  • 6. Infinity

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Tuomas Saukkonen
Lars Eikind
Juho Räihä
Dani Miettinen

Former members

Pekka Sarkkinen
Timo Hankola
Panu Willman
Toni Broman
Bass 2000 - 2004

Contact Info:

Hämeenkatu 23 C 46
Lahti, Finland

Stay Heavy Records
Fredrikinkatu 61 a, 4th floor
00100 Helsinki

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