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Amberian Dawn

Genre: Melodic Metal  |  Status: Active  |  Viewed: 25349 times

AMBERIAN DAWN Signs With Napalm Records; Magic Forest Album Details Revealed

15 March 2014

Finnish symphonic metal band AMBERIAN DAWN have announced their signing with Napalm Records. The band will be releasing their new album, Magic Forest, in June.   Says songwriter Tuomas Seppälä: ”I'm very glad about this new deal with Napalm Records. I'm sure that our cooperation will be successful and enjoyable. This label showed interest in us at the very beginning of our career so I feel very comfortable working with this great label today! Together with our booking agency/management Twisted Talent Concerts we're surely going to make something happen here. New album Magic Forest is AD's first studio album with singer Capri. Now with her I've been able to fullfill some of my early dreams with musical styles and this new style

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Amberian Dawn is a Finnish metal band which combines bravely many different kinds of styles in their music with high skilled playing. During their existence, Amberian Dawn has honed their trademark sound with expert precision, making highly polished albums of symphonic metal that are sure to be heralded as future classics by fans of the genre.

Amberian Dawn is musically lead by keyboardist/guitarist Tuomas Seppälä, who exclusively composes all music for AD. Vocalist Heidi Parviainen adds the finishing touch to the songs with her lyrics.

The story of AD began in the summer 2006 when the founder members, Tuomas Seppälä and Tommi Kuri decided to put together a new band when their former band Virtuocity was disbanding. Tuomas and Tommi recruited Virtuocity drummer Heikki Saari (Norther, Force Majeure, Tuoni), keyboardist Tom Sagar, and guitarist Sampo Seppälä to join the new band. After a fairly short search they found the classical soprano Heidi Parviainen (Iconofear) who turned out to be a perfect match - not only can she sing, she can also write intriguing lyrics and performs her craft effortlessly both on the stage in the studio. Amberian Dawn was finally born! After a while Sampo Seppälä (guitar) decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. His replacement came in the shape of the powerful guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen (Iconofear, Merging Flare , Guardians of Mankind, Elenium) and the band grew even stronger. Heikki Saari moved soon to Norther and his replacement was another young crazy drummer Joonas Pykälä-Aho (Thaurorod& Lathspell).

This first lineup recorded the debut album “River of Tuoni” which was released in Europe and parts of Asia in 2008. River of Tuoni Tour took Amberian Dawn on the road with a Dutch symphonic metal band Epica and together they treated their European fans with 22 shows in 8 countries across Europe.

The year 2009 sees the release of AD's second masterpiece "The Clouds of Northland Thunder" and a change in the line-up. Emil Pohjalainen (Thaurorod) recently joined on second guitar with Tuomas moving to keyboards permanently for the live shows, thus replacing Tom Sagar. Tuomas will remain active on guitar for his writing and for future recordings. As one of the most technically advanced metal bands today, Amberian Dawn is fully armed and operational to continue their epic journey throughout the globe. First in line are the clubs (London, Helsinki) and festivals (Sweden Rock , Metal Female Voices) in Europe with more dates to follow. Stay tuned and follow the clouds.

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River Of Tuoni

  • Label: Suomen Musiikki
  • Released: 2008
  • 1. River Of Tuoni (lyrics)
  • 2. Wings Are My Eyes
  • 3. Lullaby
  • 4. Valkyries
  • 5. Fate Of The Maiden
  • 6. My Only Star
  • 7. Curse
  • 8. Passing Bells
  • 9. Sunrise
  • 10. Evil Inside Me (lyrics)

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The Clouds of Northland Thunder

  • Label:
  • Released: 2009
  • 1. He Sleeps in a Grove
  • 2. Incubus
  • 3. Kokko- Eagle of Fire
  • 4. Willow of Tears
  • 5. Shallow Waters
  • 6. Lost Soul
  • 7. Sons of Seven Stars
  • 8. Saga
  • 9. Snowmaiden
  • 10. Lionheart
  • 11. Morning Star
  • 12. Birth of the Harp
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End Of Eden

  • Label: Spinefarm Records
  • Released: 2010
  • 1. Talisman
  • 2. Come Now Follow
  • 3. Arctica
  • 4. Ghostly Echoes
  • 5. Sampo
  • 6. Blackbird
  • 7. Field Of Serpents
  • 8. City Of Corruption
  • 9. Virvatulen Laulu
  • 10. War In Heaven
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Metal Storm

Circus Black

  • Label: Spinefarm Records
  • Released: 2012
  • 1. Circus Black
  • 2. Cold Kiss
  • 3. Crimson Flower
  • 4. Charnel?s Ball
  • 5. Fight
  • 6. Letter
  • 7. I Share With You This Dream
  • 8. Rivalry Between Good And Evil (Instrumental)
  • 9. Guardian
  • 10. Lily Of The Moon

Demo / Promo


  • Label: Self Released
  • Released: 2006

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Heidi Parviainen
Vocals 2006 -
Tuomas Seppälä
Guitars,Keyboards 2006 -
Tommi Kuri
Bass 2006 -
Joonas Pykälä-Aho
Drums 2006 -
Kasperi Heikkinen
Guitars 2006 -
Emil Pohjalainen

Former members

Tom Sagar
Keyboards 2006 -
Heikki Saari
Sampo Seppälä