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AJATTARA To Release 'Murhat' Next Week

31 January 2011

AJATTARA — the Finnish band featuring former AMORPHIS frontman Pasi Koskinen (a.k.a. Itse Ruoja Suruntuoj) — will release its seventh album, "Murhat" (English translation: "Murders") on February 2 via Osasto-A Records. The track listing for the CD is as follows: 01. Kunnes Taivas Meidät Erottaa 02. Ihmisen Luku 03. H.A.I. 04. Aura 05. Sokea Liha 06. Routalempi 07. Murheiden Kilta 08. Apilas 09. Veljet "Murhat" is available for streaming in its entirety on the AJATTARA Facebook page. AJATTARA recently filmed a video for the song "Kunnes Taivas Meidät Erottaa". Check out photos from the shoot at this location. AJATTARA will celebrate its 15th anniversary by playing the following shows in

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"It was year 1996, dark and loads of shit happened! I was reaching the edge of the world until I understood to make some demos and AJATTARA was found!

The ironbolt came to a point of bursting out and fragment over the sky, to the Hell, an Elysian fields for Sinned! This is free translation of demo Helvetissä On Syntisen Taivas, which I recorded with Malakias in year 1998.

Time has come for ATONI to join us, to share the voice from beyond. ITSE was released at end of 2001 and had very good respond. Someone cheated us to make some live shows too.

It's year 2002, and tons of crap fall over the universe. Life doesent seem to get any better, and it was time to praise the Death! The second album was simply called KUOLEMA. KUOLEMA went on Finnish national chart and sat on seat #18.

We recorded both albums in Savonlinna with almigthy Tuomo Valtonen, and this same concept has it's place also on creation of the third album TYHJYYS. Only exception is that theres different drummer on the latest release who is MALAKIAS3!

TYHJYYS, the unholy tripod, it`s the finest piece of black diamond, the ultimate story behind all underlines of unwritten truth!

EMPTINESS...the DEATH... ITSELF! Let the mushrooms grow, do you grow?" -RUOJA 13.10.2004

AJATTARA is the sound of primordial nightmare. Attempting to describe their music in less abstract terms, one could always mention it is predominantly mid-tempo, riff-heavy black metal with distant, astral synths. Yet that is just a lame scratch on the surface when dealing with such a true enigma as AJATTARA undoubtedly are.

As those fortunate enough to have heard the obscure demos the main man Ruoja (guitar, vocals) created in his lone cabin in the woods during late nineties know, the AJATTARA sound has been decidedly constant. The line-up was finally completed with Malakias I (drums) and Atoni (bass) in preparation for the recording of the first album "Itse" ("self"). The album made a remarkable impact on the public with its brutal, yet crystal-clear sound and the sheer strength of the material itself.

Special heed must be given to AJATTARA's lyrics, remarkable for being cliché-free and poetic, yet disturbing and haunting as only a bad dream arising from deep dank soil of the local woodlands can be. Blood-feud, murder, moons rising crimson... to begin with. As with those who partake of the flesh of gods, the listeners of AJATTARA will never be quite the same again.

The release of "Itse" also brought AJATTARA out as a live-band, complete with additional three live-session musicians for maximum impact. Many successful shows later it was time for their sophomore album "Kuolema" ("death"), deadly as its name suggests and a logical follow-up to "Itse". The cold, barren earth bid all welcome to its embrace - with no goodbyes and no fancy headstones. This was black metal Finnish style, with an oppressive aura that is not just façade.

While the harvest may be rotten, AJATTARA's scythe is sharper than ever

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  • Label: Spikefarm Records
  • Released: 2001

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  • Released: 2003

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  • Released: 2004

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  • Released: 2006

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  • Label: Ranka Recordings
  • Released: 2009
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  • 4. Saatana palvoo meitä
  • 5. Saveen saarnattu
  • 6. Ikuisen aamun Sara
  • 7. Kielletyn sanat
  • 8. Säkeitä riippuneesta lihasta
  • 9. Lammas
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  • Label: Osasto-A
  • Released: 2011
  • 1. Kunnes Taivas Meidät Erottaa
  • 2. Ihmisen Luku
  • 3. H.A.I.
  • 4. Aura
  • 5. Sokea Liha
  • 6. Routalempi
  • 7. Murheiden Kilta
  • 8. Apilas
  • 9. Veljet

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Pasi Koskinen
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Tonmi Lillman
Juha Harju
Vesa Wahlroos
Janne Immonen

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Pekka Kasari
Ismo Liljelund
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